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Junk Food Can’t Be That Bad, Right?

Energy-dense foods, such as fast food (picture...

When non-English speakers hear the phrase “junk food” they are usually lost. In many foreign languages words “junk”, “garbage” and “trash” have the same meaning. So why in the world human beings who were given the privilege to think and reason, are spending their money on food, which has astronomic amounts of fats, calories, salt, sugar and chemicals, and which has absolutely no nutritional value. Why even we, the organic advocates, who know that junk food is bad, are sometimes tempted to snatch a burger with fries or grab a doughnut? Read more »

Benefits of Organic Food are Overrated, Aren’t They?

Five years ago I though that benefits of organic food were certainly overrated. Honestly, I didn’t even know what organic food was. I grew up in Eastern Europe where everything was natural and organic and when I moved to this country I didn’t really pay attention to labels. If food is sold at the store it must be safe, right? Right. That’s what I though. Read more »

Some Non-Organic Produce Is Actually Not Bad.

It is not a secret for anybody that organic fruits and vegetables have more health benefits than conventionally grown ones. Unless you join a co-op or shop at local farms, they can be very expensive. If you are concerned with costs, here is the good news: some non-organic produce are actually not that bad. Read more »

Why Buy Organic Herbs and Spices

The best part of organic herbs is that they are grown naturally and do not contain chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Herbs are often used for medicinal purposes and when someone uses non-organic herbs, which are sprayed with questionable chemical substances, a question is raised: Is poisoning ourselves with chemicals worth the benefits of herbal therapy?
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NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). How We Treated Allergies Naturally. Personal Testimony. Part 3

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Our friend didn’t experience the NAET treatment himself, but his colleagues did with their child and they swore by it. It sounded like a bunch of crap to me. Energy, kinesiology, acupressure. Whatever. But we decided to try it anyway. Out of desperation and curiosity.
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Are the Benefits of Organic Food Overrated?

Skeptics say that organic food is not much different than non-organic and that this is simply a trend which people are following just to be cool and hip. Organic food advocates swear that organic food is not only the bets for your health, but also for the environment. Before you decide which side you are on and whether or not to eat organic, let’s take a look at some studies:
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Organic Recipes: Easy and Healthy Pizza From Scratch

No matter what they say, pizza doesn’t have to be junk food. With minimal effort and just a few ingredients you can make a delicious healthy pizza from scratch.

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Organic Sex: Make Your Sex Life More Organic

There are many ways to improve our health and the environment.  People, who are concerned with their health and the planet, try to live “greener” and more organic lives. Why not incorporate organic into our sex life? Read more »

Organic Gardening: Three Things Which Are Easy to Grow.

If you are looking for a new hobby, or an activity which would involve your entire family, consider organic gardening. You will not only provide your family with healthy food, but help the environment and spend some quality time together. Read more »

Top 8 Natural Remedies for Stress and Anxiety.

Are you suffering from stress and anxiety? If you landed on this post, than you probably are. Or know somebody who does. Stress became an inseparable part of many people’s lives, but very few take time to do something about it. Read more »

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